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Glaucoma and other eyes disorders

Chronic open-angle glaucoma is a very common condition affecting about 3 million Americans¹. This can be successfully treated with nutrition, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In chronic open-angle glaucoma, the intraocular pressure (IOP) gradually increases because the eye’s drainage canals have gradually become congested. This build-up of fluid in the eyes can eventually damage the retina and optic nerve. Early glaucoma can be easily detected with regular eye exams. A “tonometer” will measure IOP and a vision field test will detect any peripheral vision loss.

In the early stages, the person will usually be unaware of increasing IOP. Often, by the time open-angle glaucoma progresses, some vision loss may be present whereas conventional medicine will usually recommend eye drops. The drops are used to lower the IOP in an attempt to keep the eye pressure down. The objective of the medication is to lower the IOP as to not cause damage to the optic nerve or retina and, thus, preserve vision. Many patients using these eye drops report that the drops burn and irritate their eyes and causing blurry vision.

After years of practice and research treating thousands of patients, we developed a protocol that is effective in treating Glaucoma.

The protocol is based on Ancient Chinese Medicine and state-of-the-art Russian Space technology (Cybernetic Biofeedback).

Treatment is almost non-invasive.

We are so confident of our results that we are willing to GUARANTEE improvement under measurable conditions when Intraocular pressure (IOP) is a factor. Your eye doctor will measure your IOP with a device called Tonometer before the course of 6 treatments over a period of 2 weeks and after the completion of the course of treatment. If no measurable improvements are noted we are willing to refund your money.

The cost for the course of treatment is $300 we usually charge $85 per treatment (That is a saving of over 40%).

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